Automation with Rex

With (R)?ex you can manage all your boxes from a central point through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment. (R)?ex uses SSH as its default transport layer. So there is no need to install anything on your servers. You just need a ssh enabled account.

network setup of proxmox ve 2.x on hetzner ex4 server

In the second part of the series I'm going to setup routed networking on a root server of Hetzner, for KVM based virtualization and with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS guests. These guests will be webservers and database-servers, connected by private LAN with internal bridge NAT-ed to eth0 of the host. Shorewall & Fail2ban will help to get the proper networking in place, next to security.

how to setup Proxmox VE 2.x on Hetzner EX4 server

In this article I document how I installed Proxmox VE on Hetzners root server. Proxmox Virtualisation Environment is an free, open source virtualization platform, supporting OpenVZ and KVM, high availablity clusters, storage and networking model, web interface for management, and has a fine graded user authentication system.

How to setup a root server for Drupal hosting at Hetzner

After several years of web hosting at, I decided to move one step further and setup my own Drupal hosting solution on a Hetzner root server, using KVM virtualization and Aegir. This change has nothing to do with, their web hosting service is still perfect, cost and quality is OK. I just wanted to have something more to play.

How to install Aegir 1.x on Ubuntu 11.10

Aegir is a hosting system for deployment and management of large network of Drupal sites.


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